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Moovia Home Theater Furniture

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Last year brought many exciting challenges for moovia®. And they inspired us to come up with even more exciting solutions.

We started out by debuting DALLAS, a new member of the theater seating family, at the CEDIA show in San Diego. A true American beauty with firm roots in European design, it celebrates classic lines and modern details. In an effort to expand our living room portfolio, we created the CHESTERFIELD sofa. Marrying noble shapes with function, it is a welcome addition to the CHESTERFIELD line, our first combinable series to cater beyond media room needs. We also fine – tuned our technical solutions, making installation easier than ever before without limiting functions.
Our clients know that customized does not stop at custom-made. And we could not agree more. We have been looking for new tools and materials so they can tailor every last detail of our furniture to their needs. Our cupholders are now available with color polishing, in antiqued copper and in 22k gold. Choose Swarovski crystals detailing for the pull – in or control buttons. Have a special pattern or inscription embroidered onto your seating. Or discover our new carbon fiber accessories that take the home theater experience to a whole new level.

And what ’s ahead?
Making our smart chairs smarter, for one: we are adding more and more functions to our mobile app. We are also in the middle of revamping our BUDAPEST chair and turning it into a contemporary living room and media room furniture collection. And like all moovia ® pieces, it will sure be scene-stealing.
Stay tuned .


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