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Who we are

Dorican Trade is an international trading company based in the UK, that supports exclusively professionals in realizing projects with products and services. Dorican has exclusive distribution agreements with major European and third country producers of electrical installation materials, automation systems, lighting, sound and other complementary product ranges.

 Apart from our base in London, we have operational centers in Athens Greece for South East Europe, and Doha Qatar for the GCC region.

The Dorican philosophy consists of 3 pillars:

efficiency -about us


honesty - about us


value for money - about us

value for money, products & services

These pillars, along with our absolute support towards professionals, make us an ideal partner in realizing any kind of project, from residential high end to big commercial or hotel buildings.
our people - about us
our people
All our front Line sales representatives are highly experienced and specially trained to understand and meet our customers’ demands. Our back office technical support and sales engineering team is fully certified in their respective fields and excel at providing various products and service alternatives for your projects.
our range of products - about us

our range of products

Dorican Trade along with its partners possess a vast variety of products that can fully cover any project’s requirements, independent of size or complexity. We constantly invest in product development and energy saving solutions.
our prices - about us
our prices
Due to the efficiency of our organization, and the new business operational model we are able to offer very competitive prices and give our associates a competitive advantage for profitable deals.

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