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MMT Multitouch Tables

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MMT enhances the Customer Experience in Stores and Exhibitions

We believe that Retail is changing and we want to help our clients to promote new & complex products in a modern and interactive way.

AVR EDGE Touch Tables let multiple people interact simultaneously on a large touchscreen surface. Contents can be accessed in different languages and independent from each user.


Under the flag “Made in Germany”​, we are designing and manufacturing MultiTouch Tables, Interactive VideoWalls and HYPEBOX® – Transparent Displays. The combination of high-quality metal processing, pioneering production processes and state-of-the-art display- and touch-technologies is unique within the digital signage industry. This advantage allows us to keep up with the trends in the market and exceed the expectations of our customers.
MMT relies on technology performance and robust construction to meet the demands of projects seeking interactive hardware to communicate with prospects in stores, showrooms, trade shows, entrance halls and museums.


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