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The BES product range continues its evolution, and this year it presents several novelties that seek to meet the needs of the KNX market, as well as adapt to new challenges in different areas such as lighting regulation control, management of
different air conditioning systems. The BES KNX catalog seeks to be completed to cover all types of projects either for housing and buildings or tertiary sector.
In this 2019, it is completed with new options within the product range CUBIK (capacitive pushbuttons -five formats and three levels of customization-, and thermostats -three formats and three levels of customization-). Other interesting
novelties are also presented in lighting regulation, with three new references for universal dimmers for any type of load. The climate control family also grows, with the KNX gateway to Mitsubishi AC units. Finally, there are also three new accessory
elements, necessary in KNX installations such as the USB interface, the line coupler, and the IP router.


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