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Novasonar Invisible Soundsystem

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Novasonar loudspeakers transform walls, ceilings and furniture into sound reproducing surfaces that become invisible within the interior decoration.

The sound-wave emission of the Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers equals the way acoustical musical instruments radiate their soundwaves, instruments like, for example, violins and guitars. The soundbody of such musical instruments vibrate and thus emits soundwaves in all directions. The Novasonar flat-panel loudspeaker is also a soundbody, which is brought to vibration by electrical exciters. The dispersion angle of Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers is for all frequencies equal to that of musical instruments, and with a 180° radiation pattern considerably broader than the dispersion angle of conventional loudspeakers. Dynamically, space-filling sound waves, offering optimum sound – anywhere you are in the room, no square meter hot spot – you`ll be amazed at how good it sounds!


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