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Enjoy your music with Bluetooth® technology

In a society where everything is getting more and more interconnected, our surroundings
must change to meet our technological needs, whether in our homes, in our work places, or in other locations. Thanks to our Play&Sound solutions, you will be able to connect your multimedia devices to enjoy your music or watch a movie anytime and with an exceptional sound quality.

Solutions for home sound

Domos2 provides a multiroom installation with individual HiFi sound for each room,
communication between rooms, and offers the possibility to be managed from a home
automation system. Domos lets you enjoy your music around your home.

Feel the music

EGi audio puts you in control with a wide range of speakers and audio diffusors which
can be adapted to suit you perfectly. Our low impedance diffusors and passive speakers provide excellent sound quality for homes and for public and commercial installations. EGi also has an excellent range of loudspeakers, sound projectors and array columns for 100 V line PA systems.


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