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What’s the most enchanting time of the day? When the lights go on. We at Dexter believe that the magic of great lighting sparks wonderment and inspiration. It creates the perfect atmosphere and ambiance. It brings people together and offers freedom, relaxation or simply focus.

Perfectly designed fittings and fixtures produce the ultimate light experience. It was exactly this challenge that inspired the establishment of Dexter in 2002. And it remains the starting point for founders Bas Duterloo and Peter Tan when testing newly designed lighting today. Dexter represents quality and craftsmanship. Successful landscapers, architects and designers recognise this quality. Whether it comes to realising projects for small and large outdoor spaces, gardens and terraces, offices or for the retail and hospitality industries, it is important that everything comes together.

That takes time, energy and care, and requires knowledge, experience and perseverance. At times,
this can be a real test. Dexter understands this.
That’s why we’re happy to provide fresh inspiration in the form of this catalogue.


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