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“We gave a new meaning to an everyday object”

As a design enthusiast or an architect, you do not take a purely functional object or space for granted. You want to have a concept that exceeds the sum of its parts where every element contributes to a stronger entirety. That is why we founded CJC Systems in order to give you the means to finish your project, according to your idea in every detail.
When we promoted our first design switch in 1994 on a design fair in Paris, we got overwhelmed. We suddenly became pioneers in a niche market that we created ourselves. Suddenly people found an alternative for the plastic switch that you saw everywhere. We succeeded in giving a new meaning to an everyday object and therefore drawed the attention of many design professionals and enthusiasts all over Europe.


“Start with pleasure, end in beauty”

22 years later, we continue to take on our pioneer role. We look further than a beautiful design. We want you to have joy in controlling your home. That is why we integrated new technologies in our recognisable designs, such as touch-sensitive surfaces and feedback-leds. Those innovations are not a purpose “per se” but a means to have an intuitive and pleasureful control without overruling on design.
A light switch often highlights the beginning and ending of a day. We want you to start your day with pleasure and end it in beauty.


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